What is the Firefighter Relief Association?

The Hamel Volunteer Firefighter Relief Association is a nonprofit corporation that exists to provide a retirement incentive for Hamel Fire Department firefighters. 

Relief Associations are considered governmental entities. Therefore, they have similar rights, duties and responsibilities as other governmental entities, such as a city. As a governmental entity, the Relief Association manages the retirement money for the firefighter, so that he or she has a good retirement benefit. The pension benefits for volunteer firefighters are minimal, but are an attempt to recognize the countless hours of effort and sacrifice given by firefighters over their career of selflessly serving the residents of our community. 

Is the Relief Association Part of the Fire Department?

No, the Relief Association is a separate legal entity from the Fire Department. Its purpose is to provide benefits to Fire Department members. The Relief Association is governed by the Bylaws and Policies voted on by its members.

Who Runs the Relief Association?

A Board of Trustees administers the Relief Association. 

Board Meeting Information

Relief Association meetings are held at the Hamel Fire Station located at 92 Hamel Road, Hamel MN 55340. Unless otherwise noted, meetings begin at  6pm and are open to the public;

Upcoming Meetings:

  • 3/8/2021 Annual Meeting Hamel Fire Department (after HFD Annual Meeting)


    2021 Board Meetings:

    all are held at HFD @6pm

    6/14/2021 (This meeting is postponed and a new date is TBD) 




    2021 Special Meeting of The Board of Directors: (email for this meeting is going out shortly)

    2/15/2021 6pm Hamel Fire Department